Dedicated to preserving the history of the West African Students’ Union (WASU) and all Africans in Britain during the 20th century who struggled for African independence and self-determination and an end to colonialism and racism. The West African Students’ Union was formed in London in 1925 based on the spirit of ‘Self-help, Unity and Co-operation.’ The WASU Project is based on the same spirit.

History of WASU

Founded in London August 1925 by Ladipo Solanke and Herbert Bankole-Bright, a member of the National Congress of British West Africa, the West African Students’ Union (WASU) became the key political, social and cultural organisation for West Africans in Britain and the main African organisation in the country for over thirty years.

Interactive Map of WASU Hostels

The WASU established four separate hostels in London. One of its original aims was to establish a 'home from home' for African students in order to overcome some of the problems caused by the colour bar. The first hostel opened in March 1933 following extensive fundraising West Africa. In time the various hostels became important African political and social centres in the heart of the empire.

About the Film

The WASU Project is currently engaged in producing a film documenting the history of the West African Students' Union and is searching for additional information and people to interview. If you can help please contact us.